Who Says You Can't Grow an Organic Apple?

August 20, 2014

I've read that you can't grow an organic apple, that it simply isn't possible. The pests are too aggressive, blight is too blinding, and you have to either spray them with pesticides or give up entirely. In reality, all you need is endless patience and about four years. After all of that, you might get an apple that's decent enough to eat. It'll probably be ugly - exceptionally ugly - but it really does taste pretty good.

Homegrown apple

The not-so-perfect apple.


We started our orchard before we moved to our property and spent hours at a local nursery picking out the perfect varieties (Rome and Gold Rush were the top picks). Our annual apple picking pilgrimage has been a tradition since the beginning of our relationship, along with the batches of pink applesauce that followed. What could be better than making applesauce from apples we grew ourselves?

Every year we followed the rules set out to us at the myriad of classes we attended.  And today - four years later - we tasted our first apple.


Apples are best when shared.

Things to note: the apple is really small. Not that much bigger than a golf ball. Also, these are glamour shots. The actual apple is pretty gnarly, but extremely tasty.